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Metal Roofing

Commercial & Residential Metal Roofing Services in DFW

Money Roofing and Construction offers metal roofing options for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We have worked on buildings of all sizes, and we have extensive experience with the installation, replacement, and repair of this roofing material. If you are looking for quick, affordable, and reliable metal roofing installation, look no further!

Metal roofing offers a wide variety of advantages that make it an ideal choice for commercial clients and homeowners who want a durable roof. Some of the primary advantages of metal roofing include:

  • Longevity. Metal roofing is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials on the market. When used on a commercial or residential building, this type of roofing can easily last as long as 40 to 70 years depending on the specific material used. 
  • Fire resistance. Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing will not ignite in the event of a lightning strike or fire. 
  • Energy conservation. Because metal roofing reflects the light and heat from the sun, most customers who install this type of roofing will notice that their energy expenses decrease soon after. 
  • Durability. Metal roofing can withstand extreme conditions, including high winds and impacts. They will not corrode or crack either. 
  • Environmental friendliness. Metal roofing is often composed, at least in part, of recycled materials. In addition, when the metal roof is ready to be replaced, the materials removed from the building are recyclable as well. 

If you are not sure whether a metal roof is right for your residential or commercial building, our team is happy to discuss the matter with you in detail and help you make the right decision. Contact us for metal roofing services in McKinney, Allen, Waxahachie, or the rest of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing requires careful installation to ensure good performance. When metal roofing materials are not installed properly, you can experience a wide variety of problems. For example, if your roof is not installed in a way that ensures good water runoff, water may accumulate on the roof and cause damage. Likewise, if the panels that hold your metal roof in place are not installed properly, expansion and contraction of these panels may cause loosening. 

The team at Money Roofing and Construction is properly trained and knows how to install metal roofing securely. We will also take extra care to make sure your roof does not collect any water. When you trust our team with your metal roof installation project, you can feel confident that the job will be done correctly. The satisfaction of our clients is always our top priority!

Metal Roofing Replacement

Metal roofing materials can last for a long time, especially when a high-quality metal is used. However, if you have a metal roof that has been in place for decades, or if your roof was not properly installed, replacement may be necessary. Our team can inspect your building’s existing roof and let you know whether its current condition makes it a candidate for replacement. 

If you decide to replace your metal roof, or if you want to replace another type of roofing material with metal, we are happy to help you through the process. We will work closely with you to choose the best materials, and we will always be up-front and honest about the expenses you can expect. We will also provide you with a detailed timeline so you know when your roof replacement project will be complete. 

Metal Roofing Maintenance & Repair

Metal roofing does not require the same amount of consistent maintenance as many other roofing materials used for homes and commercial buildings. However, it is still important to inspect your metal roof from time to time to make sure no repairs are needed. When it is time to inspect your metal roof, a member of our team can come to your home or building and examine the roof closely for signs of a problem. If any issues are discovered, we will recommend the proper repairs.

Repairing metal roofing can sometimes be tricky, especially if the roof is older and the original materials used are no longer available. In addition, even if the original materials are available, they may not match the roof precisely because of the effects of exposure to the sun and other elements. However, we will always do our best to match the existing metal as closely as possible when performing repairs. 

Money Roofing and Construction currently has three offices located in McKinney, Allen, and Waxahachie. We offer metal roofing installation, repair and replacement to clients throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact one of our offices today to learn more about our metal roofing options or to make an appointment.