Elastomeric Roof Coatings Dallas


Before we discuss metal roof coatings, let’s start with some basics on Metal Roofs.  Metal roofs come in various styles, materials and types. In the residential market particularly, you have metal roofs that can look like shingle/slate, tile, shake, and vertical panels (which is common in the commercial roofing market).  The materials used can be Read more about METAL ROOF COATINGS 101 FRISCO TX[…]

Dangers of ponding water on your roof Frisco, Tx Coatings

  Roofing materials are manufactured and roof systems are designed to shed water.  They are not designed to hold water like a tank for some useful storage purpose.   When water is allowed to stand on a flat roof, one must suffer these consequences:     In the event of a minor defect in construction Read more about Dangers of ponding water on your roof Frisco, Tx Coatings[…]

Elastomeric Roof Coatings Dallas

Roof Coatings Frisco Texas

One of the fastest growing segments in the Commercial Roofing world is Fluid Applied coatings.  According to the ChemQuest Group, the market for the polymer-based roof coatings is estimated to be $500-$550 million. These roof coating can be applied to sloped metal roofs and to low slope BUR, Modified Bitumen and single Ply membranes.   There Read more about Roof Coatings Frisco Texas[…]